About Salem Environmental

Since 2008, Salem has been providing high quality, low cost environmental due diligence services to NJ-NYC-Philly area client-base with a strong focus on banks and lenders. As a boutique firm, Salem completes between 200-500 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, and other environmental risk assessment services, each year in the NJ-NYC-Philly area.

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Our assessment practice utilizes a proprietary database and retrieval software developed exclusively for use by Salem in Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Screening Reports, which are widely accepted among lenders and the SBA.

Salem offers Pro Bono work for supportive housing developers. Please contact us if you are a supporting housing developer in NJ-NYC-Philly in need of Phase 1 Environmental or other pre-purchase screening services.

Salem Environmental

Environmental Screening Reports

Environmental Screening Reports are a tool for our Clients by which they can quickly, affordably and reliably assess the history of a property, whether for an investors pre-contract knowledge or a financial institutions loan on a lower dollar value loan.

An Environmental Screening Report typically includes all the due diligence work of a Phase I ESA or Transaction Screen, without a physical property inspection.

Benefits of an Environmental Screening Report

-Low-Cost vs. Phase I ESA & Transaction Screens

-Less than 3-Day Turnaround

-Allows Client to Evaluate History of Site and Environmental Regulatory Status, before spending $$$$ on other due diligence services

-Useful for loans that do not mandate a Transaction Screen or Phase I ESA, based on Client criteria and usually corresponding to loan value

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